"Crazy Animal City" in Albion Online

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Have you already met the frogs? And these friendly, little amphibians is after continuous improvement. With the swamp consummate, steppes will also be improved.

These antelopes are harmless - until you attack them!

Not so friendly are the Sabertooth, a special critter mob to roam the steppes.

More information on the mobs of the steppes will follow later this month!

Now there are more animal in Albion Online, such as rabbit, frogs, antelopes... Will have more animal like fox advent? Who know.

At last, more news and guide in

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Albion Online Update Content and New Spells

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In this update, Containing the following key

# Morgana Faction Rework

# Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp

# 12 New Weapon Spells

* Charge on Claymore (Third Slot) - Charge towards an enemy, dealing damage and temporarily pinning them to the spot. The length of the enemy root depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

* Fearless Strike on Claymore (Third Slot) - Dash towards a location and strike all enemies on your way, dealing damage to each enemy and slowing them. The slow strength depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

* Bloody Reap on Scythe (Third Slot) - Swing your Scythe twice to deal damage to all surrounding enemies. The first hit causes the enemy to bleed.

* Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (Third Slot) - Shoot a devastating magma sphere in any direction. It will deal damage and burn all enemies along its path.

* Tackle on Great Hammer (Third Slot) - Rush towards a target destination. Any enemies you hit on your way will be damage and stunned.

* Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (Third Slot) - Summon a black hole that quickly pulls enemies towards its center and then collapses, dealing damage to those caught in it and slowing them.

* Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (Third Slot) - Create a tornado and shoot it in a chosen direction. Enemies hit by the tornado will be knocked up into the air and receive damage. Enemies in proximity to the tornado will be slowed.

* Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (Third Slot) - Summon a ring of deadly blades around a friend or foe. The blades will damage enemies surrounding the target, but not the target itself. They will follow the target around, repeatedly dealing damage and reducing attack power.

* Salvation on Divine Staff (Third Slot) - Create a ground area that will charge up for several seconds. Once fully charged, it will heal all allies inside and cleanse all negative effects.

* Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (Second Slot) - Increases your movement and attack speed by 50%, as well as making you immune to any movement-impairing effects for 5 seconds.

* Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (Second Slot) - Cast a pulsating heal on a friendly target. The target will heal the target and all allies in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds.

* Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (Second Slot) - Shoot a single arrow towards an enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s Armor and Magic Resist. The more health the target has, the more stacks of resistance reduction are applied with a maximum of 10 stacks.

# New Feature: Item Study

# Learning Point System Improvements

# Various Fixes and Improvements

# And, swamping it up!
In this segment we take a look at what’s currently in the works for Albion Online.

- Frogs
Introducing…*ribbit*… Frogs! These cute little amphibians are pretty much the rabbits of the swamp.
Not everyone is fond of our jumpy new friends.

- Swamp Development
The swamps are beautiful and could even be considered romantic, if only they weren’t so smelly!

- Spirit of the Swamps
While roaming the swamps, you might encounter this mysterious spirit.

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Albion Online Update Coming Tomorrow

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Coming on May 18, Darian contains everything that could be implemented before the large world update. Here is what you can expect to see tomorrow.

# Morgana Faction Rework

Surface-dwelling Disciples have been rebalanced and reworked and will come with new group compositions and spells. Morgana’s dungeon crawlers have received a significant boost and an array of new spells and abilities, making high-tier PvE more interactive and challenging.

# Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp

Morgana mobs will have a chance of dropping rare Morgana-themed furniture pieces. These pieces are fashioned after Morgana mobcamps, ranging from simple standards to a full-blown siege ballista. If you are not interested in furniture, you will be able to salvage them for a fair amount of silver or sell them on the market.

# New Spells and Abilities

A total of 12 new weapons spells will be added to the game.
- Charge on Claymore (slot 3)
- Fearless Strike on Claymore (slot 3)
- Bloody Reap on Scythe (slot 3)
- Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (slot 3)
- Tackle on Great Hammer (slot 3)
- Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (slot 3)
- Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (slot 3)
- Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (slot 3)
- Salvation on Divine Staff (slot 3)
- Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (slot 2)
- Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (slot 2)
- Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (slot 2)

# New Feature: Item Study

With this new feature, you will no longer need to salvage or sell unused items from crafting. Studying them instead grants you fame towards the same Destiny Board unlock that crafting the item would. Studying an item will destroy it and you can only study items that you are able to craft. You can also learn from other crafters’ works, but items need to be at full durability.

# Learning Point System Improvement

You will no longer need to gather the first portion of fame before being able to use Learning Points. Instead, you are now able to use them to advance to the next Mastery Level right away. However, the first 20% will cost eight times more Learning Points than the remaining 80%.

# Various Fixes and Improvements

A number of bugs and ongoing issues will be fixed, and localization of the game will be improved.

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